Country Living magazine not just for women

Country Living magazine not just for women

For a magazine that combines home living, indoor decor, and outdoor gardening pursuits, one of the better magazines is the Country Living magazine. It also talks about antiques, cooking, and crafting; topics that will surely benefit homemakers, and people who spend a lot of time pottering around their house and garden. Not only for women, I’m sure there are some stuff in it that appeals to guys who are into DIY.

As you get older, I suppose new ideas tend to look better, compared to when you were younger. Maturity has an effect in making me more open to new ideas, even all those involving decorating, cooking and other home stuff, which previously only interested women; and I’m a guy. Whoops.

country-living-magazine.jpgOne of my friends is a long term subscriber of Country Living magazine. He handed some me some old back issues, and I find it quite good after reading some of the articles. Has some nice pictures…It could come in handy if I wanted to source for recipes with a country flavor. Country Living mag should also make a nice house warming gift for anyone who just “went rural.” There’s 12 issues in one year; total price is $12 for a whole years worth of subscriptions.

So just a small gift idea: Giving someone a subscription to a magazine as a gift is a good idea. I didn’t think of that earlier.

So if you’re out of gift ideas, how about a magazine subscription? If you have a friend who just cannot stop gardening and doing something around the house, something like the Country Living magazine may open their minds to embrace some good old fashioned country living ideas for a change, lol. The good thing about magazines is they can be handed down/passed along to others too.

In this age of internet usage, I’m sure there’s always room for reading print on paper. Thus, a brief review on the Country Living magazine…

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