Greenhouse accessories and electrical system

Greenhouse accessories and electrical system

Greenhouse accessories

There are many accessories that are used in any well-equipped greenhouse. Even the most simple of greenhouses will have at least some tables and benches, but there are a lot more to a greenhouse than just these.

Glass panes often form part of any greenhouse design, and their purpose is to help ventilate the greenhouse interior. Besides glass, plastic can be a substitute, but instead of static panes or shutters, why not opt for auto-louvers? These contraptions can open or close the shutters automatically, being controlled by a timer or temperature-sensitive thermostat. There are a variety of good options for you to choose from for your greenhouse. Experts at SHS Roofing offer up the option of feature fixed windows or permanent windows which, “don’t open, but can still let in or allow warmer air to escape.” Now that may or may not be a good option for your greenhouse, but regardless of what your preferences are there are experts available for consultation on different options

For heating, certain lamps or toaster-coil heaters can spot-heat any particular area you want. Tracking systems attached to the roof can heat the entire greenhouse even in the harshest of winters.

greenhouse glass panes and frame

One important accessory is galvanized steel braces, which strengthen the base of the greenhouse, and help prevent it from collapsing even if there is a heavy snowstorm. Inside, shelves are useful accessories to have. Their heights can be adjusted, or simply arranged into suitable geometrical shapes to fit in with the interior decor.

glass cleanerMeanwhile, rainwater kits are a useful addition and help you save on your water bill. Some of them have movable heads, or are able to distribute water in mist form. They can also be controlled by timers that run 24/7. For cleaning your greenhouse, a whole range of cleaning aids can be used, such as calcium carbonate removers, fungicides, anti-mildew solutions, window and floor cleaners, and more.

To monitor the soil in your greenhouse, you can use soil thermometers, NPK testing kits, salinity testing kits, and moisture gauges to obtain just the right soil conditions for your plants. And if you’re bored with simple metal spades, get tools made out of composite material that is stronger than steel while being light to carry at the same time. There are shovels that can extend out to 5 feet or be collapsed to under 12 inches; such is the modern gardening accessory tool today. While there is nothing yet that can automatically dig up your bulbs or remove pests, these cannot be too far away in the near future.

Greenhouse electrical supply

A basic greenhouse can function without having any electricity, but its scope can be greatly improved if you install a well functioning electrical system to it. This is definitely the case if you have any plans to grow tropical plants within your greenhouse. There are also many kinds of temperate plants that require protection from the winter cold, and therefore, having a proper electrical system in place is pretty much essential.

Space heaters or radiators can make all the difference in low winter temperatures, while having a fan blow the air around in stifling summer heat can help those types of plants that love windy climates to thrive. Of course, you can also increase/decrease the light afforded to your plants if you have lights installed.

greenhouse fan

The advanced greenhouses have automatic watering systems, soil heating devices, and light control systems that can be controlled by automatic shutters; all these exotic accessories need a good power supply to run. 110V and 220V outlets with enough amperage to supply a few normal-sized rooms should be installed all over the place, to more than cover your needs. It is annoying to have an outlet 15 feet out of reach when you need one right below your table or bench. Constructing an electrical system is quite straightforward, but you can always hire an electrical conductor to do it for you.

Be prepared to devote a portion of your budget towards installing a sound electrical system; in the long run, your plants will thank you for it.

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