Different Types of Lawn Sprinkler Heads

Different Types of Lawn Sprinkler Heads

You may have different needs when it comes to watering your plants. Be it a lawn or a garden comprising many flowers, shrubs, herbs, and vegetables, there are suitable lawn or garden sprinklers for most of the kinds of required watering needs and applications. Each sprinkler is not quite the same for the tasks required of it, but mostly, these variations just revolve around the type of sprinkler heads in use by their respective lawn sprinkler systems.

Sprinkler heads or sometimes referred to as the swing line, is the part of the sprinkler system that sprinkles the water directly. It is connected to the water supply by a connector, which connects to a water hose. When the valve connecting to the water hose is opened, then water will gush from the sprinkler head.

lawn sprinkler head

Some of the different types of heads include the:

  • Rotor type
  • Impact head
  • Micro-sprayer
  • Pop-up rotor head.

Different needs and applications will require different types of heads.

Suitable sprinkler heads for wide spaces

For open ground that needs watering, get the rotor type of sprinkler head. This head rotates to cover wide sections of your lawn. It can spray water up to a considerable distance, meaning it should be able to cover most garden sizes. Rotor types are the heads that when in operation, provide large streams of water that come forth from a rotating turret.

OK, another sprinkler head that is good for wide areas is the impact sprinkler head. This type of head is named due to its design principles. Impact sprinklers are also sometimes called impulse sprinklers, and their heads are moved about in a circular manner from the force of the water spraying out from them. The entire head pivots on a bearing that is located at the top of its attachment nut. The mechanical arm that distributes the streaming water provides large impact, distributing water over a wide area. Hence, the name of  “impact sprinkler.”

Flower and vegetable beds

The micro-sprayer does what it says – spray bubble-sized sprays. It is best used for flower and vegetable beds, plus other small applications that do not require a lot of water and do not cover a large area. The micro-sprayer can be further expanded to cover a 360 degree radius, while at the same time having a reach of about 10 meters. Micro sprayer heads spray water at low pressure, and as such, these low impact sprinklers are useful when you want watering that is more powerful than drip irrigation, yet can wet a larger surface area of soil.

Pop-up sprinkler heads?

pop up lawn sprinkler

The pop-up rotator head is one of the most advanced technologies in sprinkler development. The pop-up rotator actually stays hidden from view most of the time, only to show up during watering (you specify and control everything). Due to it’s large network of sprinklers in the garden, pop-up-rotors are able to to water an equally large area, be buried in a wide area, and deployed as necessary.

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