Setting up a lawn sprinkler timer

Setting up a lawn sprinkler timer

Setting up your lawn sprinkler’s timer is one of the first things you will have to do, in order to run it the way it should be run. After all, a lawn sprinkler’s purpose is to save you time and energy by performing your watering tasks for you.

Here are a few considerations in setting up your timer:

First of all, bear in mind the weather and climate always changes. So, this means the timing for the watering needs to be in accordance with the weather and climate. If you’re living in a hot and dry climate, you may want to schedule the sprinkler to water during the early morning, and perhaps followed up by another watering in the late afternoon.

lawn sprinkler with curtain spray

If your climate is cool and wet during the summer months, you may consider scheduling the watering to be done every other day. If you live in a tropical climate and it happens to be the rainy season, you might need to put your watering on hold. The key is to just maintain optimal watering for the plants and grass.

The amount of sunlight your lawn or garden receives everyday, is also an influence on your lawn sprinkler’s watering amount and timing. If there are a lot of trees and shading in your lawn, you don’t need to water so much, since the evaporation rate will be lower.

lawn sprinklers in action

As for watering duration, should you go for fast or slow watering? It is important that the watering duration match the weather. If it has been rainy all week, your lawn should not have water saturating the soil until you can see puddles in spots everywhere. If the water doesn’t dissipate soon, root rot could set in. Read this post for more garden watering basics.

If you use your lawn or garden a lot, don’t forget to set the timer to activate after your activities, and not before. Wet soil will ruin almost any kind of lawn event you’ve planned! The lawn sprinkler timer’s role is to help you schedule your watering to the most optimal time for your lawn grass, in addition to the most convenient time for you and your family. Those two goals need not clash.

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