Easy spring gardening tips to get started with

Easy spring gardening tips to get started with

After a long and deary winter, have you contemplated having your own spring garden? But the problem is you don’t know how to care for, let alone start your own spring garden. For new gardeners, the problem is getting started. They might have read about the best plants for spring planting. They might have neighbors who grow nice spring bulbs each spring, and secretly want to grow their own spring garden. Well, that’s not a big problem anymore because growing spring gardens is easier than you might think. You can grow your own spring garden even if you are a newbie, with these easy spring gardening tips to get started with.

To start the ball rolling, start thinking of the kind of plants that you want to have in your spring garden as early as the winter. Spend some afternoon reading quick-gardening-tips books and browse the web for flowers and read about their care and maintenance. You can also read some simple garden arrangement for beginners to give you an idea on how to arrange your garden.

Once the ground starts to dry up after winter, start clearing your garden for weeds and loosen up the soil up to at least 8 inches deep. Take out stones and roots that are in the area to give your plant room to grow their roots. The best time to do this is in January if you live in the northern hemisphere; or if you’re an early bird, you can do this during the winter. You’re ready for seeding and planting once the ground is cleared, loosened up, and covered with at least 2 inches of compost. You can buy compost ready to use from your favorite garden store.

frosty ground
Thawing ground

Once your ground is ready, revisit what you have researched so far during the winter and pick the plants that you like. If you buy them in seed form, the seed bag contains care and maintenance of the plant including instructions on applying fertilizer and pesticides for your guidance. It’s best to seed your garden earlier so that you can see them bloom in April to May.

Use your research to see how many days your flower needs to bloom and take your cue when to seed them from there. Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to get this information because your gardener can tell you exactly how long a particular plant needs to bloom. If you want to buy growing plants, be sure to buy the adult ones if you’re a little late for the season and younger ones if you’re just in time, that is to say in late January.

Most of the seeds are grown inside nurseries or inside your house. Once they grow to their desired age, you can transplant them outside in your garden. Again this depends on the kind of plant so be sure to read the label in the seed bag. Now that you’re ready to plant, consider arranging your garden according to what you want to do with it. If you want to stroll in your garden early in the morning or late in the afternoon, be sure to leave pathways between islands and flower boxes for you to walk through. If you want to use your garden for an outdoor party, be sure to leave a wider space enough to contain at least two full-size tables with chairs in them.

spring daffodils
Spring daffodils/narcissus.

The most popular plants for planting in autumn include daffodils/narcissus, tulips, flowering shrubs, roses, lilacs, peonies, carnations, and green shrubs. But don’t worry if you have not planted the bulbs for the daffodils and tulips during fall, because these days, you can get ones that are pre-grown in nurseries ready to be transferred to your garden during early spring. If your garden is large enough, don’t forget to put a focal point in the corner or in the center of your garden. You can also layer your garden by placing the tall plants in the backside and the shorter plants in the front side.

spring tulips
Spring tulips

Spring gardens are products of early planning. If you have already planned several months before, you will most likely end up with a nice looking spring garden, because bulbs are amongst the easiest plants of all to grow anywhere. Any newbie can create a spring garden with just a little planning.

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