Fast growing trees – An introduction

Fast growing trees – An introduction

When you buy a new home, it looks like an unfinished painting at first, doesn’t it? The details are either missing or in the rough. Although your house may be a beautiful brand new home, it looks like an ill fitting piece of a jigsaw puzzle, whether it be in the bright heat of the daytime, or in the cold nights amidst the dirt of the plowed front porch, fresh turpentine or newly painted grills. What’s lacking? A bunch of bushes, shrubs and trees. Except there is a problem – they normally take a few years to grow to an acceptable size. Which of course isn’t really what you want to hear, unless you grow – fast growing trees.

Yes, fast growing trees are the answer to getting greenery around your house, up to speed. Unless you are skilled in all the different varieties of trees available, you are well advised to consult with a gardening guru. You can typically find one at your local gardening center. He or she will be able to advise you on the best types of fast growing trees for your area. You also need to take into consideration where the tree will be planted in terms of how much sunlight it will be receiving each day.

fast growing trees at this row of houses

Another thing to bear in mind when it comes to all aspects of landscaping is the time of the year that you plant certain things. Fast growing trees, for example, do well when planted in the spring. Some other trees, those that take years to mature, typically can be planted either in the spring or fall.

If you have a large, open backyard and want to plant trees that will afford you some shade there are a few varieties that are well suited for this. One is the Red Maple (Acer rubrum). These fast growing trees can be planted one spring and you can expect to be able to enjoy the shade they provide by the next summer. That’s how fast these natural born shade providers grow.

fast growing trees red maple
Red Maple

The gardening center where you purchased the tree will provide you with instructions on how to care for them, but basically they are pretty much low maintenance. Maples also turn brilliant gold-red during autumn, thus a small grove or group of them will be like aged wine within several years, enlivening your front porch or backyard during the buildup to winter.

Oak trees conjure up images of strong, solid trees that have owned the same spot of land for centuries. Granted, every tree must take roots at some point and blossom, but there are some varieties of oak trees that are also fast growing trees. Both the Sawtooth Oak (Quercus acutissima) and the Willow Oak ((Quercus phellos)) will grow quickly and will provide a beautiful focal point for either your front or back yard.

willow oak or quercus phellos
Willow Oak (Quercus phellos)
sawtooth oak
The Sawtooth Oak

The Sawtooth Oak is originally a native of East Asia, but has thrived well in the US. It grows to about 30 meters tall when fully mature, but will start providing shade way before that. The Willlow Oak is an American native, and is quite similar to the Sawtooth Oak in form and height when in the juvenile stage. Both tree species are capable of attaining a couple of feet a year, provided they are well cared for. Head over here to find other suitable evergreen trees that grow fast.

Trees serve as important footnotes in your house history. Your tree is of course not just mere decorations, and should be regarded as a part of your home and hearth. Trees are often planted the world over to commemorate occasions such as birthdays or weddings. When you look upon the trees you planted, their purpose is also to evoke pleasant memories in your mind. Now wouldn’t you nurture them well so they’ll continue to provide shade for you right down the years?

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