Tree and stump removal

Tree and stump removal

If you plan on buying a home that is located in wooded country, proper tree removal is surely going to be the first issue to crop up. Here, I won’t list down the benefits of living near to the trees, but suffice to say, removing some trees so that you can live nearer to them, is always going to be a painful necessity, as part of “building a dream home close to the woods.” It hurts to chop down trees, but if it is any help to know, carefully planned tree and stump removal is not only carried out by aspiring home builders, but by practically anyone involved in the construction industry.

Normally, the issues and difficulties involving tree removal are directly connected to the size of the trees involved, as well as the overall property plan. But why plan for such an arduous task in the first place? Well, the plan should always be to remove as few trees as possible, and if you can, you should try to build around them instead.

Common reasons to remove the tree in your yard.

Before you remove any trees, bear in mind that having a piece of property with a lot of intact trees actually increases its value. The trees increase privacy, beautify and cool the surroundings, and provide welcome shade even on the hottest of days.

dead tree

But the trees also become hazards, especially when they are old or sickly. In hurricane or storm prone areas, having lots of trees actually increases the danger to property and life, should the trees become uprooted during storms. If you have a tree close to your home that is dead or dying, you would want to see that tree removed before it causes real damage to your house or power lines.

The best methods of removing trees.

tree stump

You can take one of several approaches to tree removal. The easiest method is simply taking a chainsaw and cutting the tree down, and then removing the stump afterwards. This is probably the most common DIY way to remove a small tree but it could get tricky with bigger trees, unless you know what you’re doing. You don’t want to end up with damage to your home or your car.

I spotted a funny short video clip of how NOT to cut down a tree. His tree removal concept is right, cutting up a tall tree bit by bit, but the execution shows just how tricky it can get.

There is a kind of tree removal machine that can dig down into the ground and scoop out the entire tree – whole. Of course, it only works for smaller trees. If you want to save the tree, and then plant it elsewhere, while not making a mess, you could opt for one of the professional tree removal services out there.

Removing the the stump.

Once the tree is cut down, the next phase is removing the leftover stump. Sometimes, you may want to keep the stumps on for decoration purposes, but if you want to remove the stump, the best tree stump removal method is grinding the stump using a stump grinder machine. You can rent a stump grinder machine for about $100 a day.

tree stump with axe

You need to first clear the ground surrounding the stump of stones or rocks, using a shovel and hoe. You might want to setup a small wall surrounding the stump to prevent debris from flying around. Also, it’s a good idea to remove the part of stump that is above the ground as much as possible with a chainsaw. Saw away all parts of the stump that can be sawn off, so that when you use the stump grinder, it’ll be easier and faster to grind all that is left of the stump. Here is one account of the process of stump removal.

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