Some ideas in looking for gardening magazines

Some ideas in looking for gardening magazines

Gardening magazines are plentiful, but how do you find out which ones are the best choices for your particular garden? Gardening in itself is as vast as the world outside, and there are many branches of gardening with their own special interest groups. So, finding the right gardening magazine is important, if you want to grow your gardening hobby.

A couple of examples of good gardening magazines are Country Living and Big Backyard.

Whether you’re new to gardening, or are a gardening expert in your own right, you’re likely to have flipped through dozens of gardening magazines on the rack more than a few times. You might even be subscribed to some, and have them delivered to your mailbox, both real and virtual.

If you’re a newbie gardener, you may have little idea of the breadth and wealth of info just waiting for you in gardening magazines. If you’re serious about your gardening, now is the best time to start. Gardening magazines cover a wide range of topics – from weekend planting mini-projects, to orchid breeding, to organic gardening. Some are general knowledge, others are just centered on a specific topic. How do you go about choosing a few good magazines to further your gardening knowledge?

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What’s your goal?

What was it that made you want to take up gardening in the first place? Maybe watching your neighbor harvest a nice harvest of vegetables from his bountiful vegetable garden, neatly laid out in terraced redwood boxes? Maybe you just wanted to go green for a change, and landscape your plain looking backyard. If you just one goal in mind, what would it be?

Let’s say you want to grow a few of your favorite herbs or vegetables, but you’re restricted because your garden is small. This could be just the small patio or balcony. Fret not, there are gardening magazines that specialize in just covering small gardens. Today’s urban lifestyle doesn’t afford for grandiose gardens, and we are all actually gradually moving towards small and slim. That’s why container gardening, and bonsai are gaining in popularity, as are hydroponic growing.

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Browse first

What you need to do is browse the selection of topics available both on the newsstand and online. Many gardening magazines either appear in print, or in ezine form. The ezines may have archives of past issues, and featured articles. The only constraint is the amount of time taken to browse them through. You’ll find a lot of gardening advice, tips, photo galleries, and easy DIY projects to handle. Once you get started on them, it won’t seem so intimidating in the end, and you’ll find the DIY projects help to keep you focused and motivated.

Being focused on what you want to do this year will minimize frustration later on. So try to focus only on information you need this year. Start small and build on it. This approach will help you to stay on track with your gardening projects.

After checking through a sizable sample of gardening magazines, you’ll find a few that should appeal to your gardening goals and style. Once you’ve gained experience, you’ll find you want to subscribe to new magazines, and (toss out the old). You might even end up being a writer on one of these magazines!

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