An introduction to Flood and Drain hydroponics

An introduction to Flood and Drain hydroponics

In hydroponics, there are a number of systems that have become well known. One of these hydroponics systems is the Flood and Drain system, or otherwise known as the Ebb and Flow system.

The Flood and Drain system is probably one of the easiest hydroponics systems to manage. The basis of this Flood and Drain system is to periodically soak the roots of the plant in a nutrient solution, and then, using an automated system (or manual method if you’re actually that industrious), drain the solution away from the roots. Using this method, the roots of the plant will be in a constantly moist state.

Alternating between airing and soaking, will give the plant a good balance of oxygen, and nutrients + moisture. These conditions are actually conducive to plant growth, so you’d probably notice that plants grown with a Flood and Drain hydroponics system tend to exhibit rapid growth. Actually in general, all the hydroponics systems do create faster growing plants, because hydroponics trims away the soil aspect which actually hinders nutrient absorption and oxygen uptake by the roots. So the plant breaths and feeds better overall.

Here’s a short video I found that gives a pretty nice introduction to the Flood and Drain hydroponics system.

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