Why not get yourself a backyard fountain?

Why not get yourself a backyard fountain?

Adding a backyard fountain makes a good adjunct to any backyard landscaping design concept. If your backyard design concept is centered on a “rest and relaxation” theme, a fountain should at least feature in the works. And don’t worry about the price, there are many backyard fountains that are easily installed and affordable. It all depends on what you want.

Small is beautiful.

small backyard fountain
Small fountains are beautiful and not costly as well.

You might consider the size of the fountain and its relation to your backyard size. If your backyard is small, then getting a small backyard fountain is adequate. A large sized fountain wouldn’t look too nice in a small fitting backyard. Perspective is important, because fountains need to be the centerpieces of any garden. Too large a size would overwhelm the space of your backyard. At any rate, small sized fountains are also easier to manage, and require less water to run.

Consider solar powered fountains

garden-frog-solar-water-fountain.jpgSolar powered fountains are now all the rage, coming in all kinds of sizes and prices. I do believe solar fountains are the ideal backyard fountains. In fact, some of them are darn cheap, and what’s more – it doesn’t cost you a dime in electricity bills to run them. A good fit for any environmentally conscious garden, running as it is – by itself. Birds love them, and kids too; in fact most designs are simply charming….

DIY fountains or ready made kits?
You can make your own backyard fountain, though I couldn’t possibly tell you everything on how to do it. But, it is a rather easy process and does not have to cost a lot of money. Many people have them in their yard as a small addition to the stuff they have already done, and some have a small pond with fish, usually goldfish, and the fountain becomes a way for the water to keep moving. This always looks great and can make a great centerpiece for your favorite outdoor relaxation area.

backyard fountain with stone embankment
Backyard fountain with work done in the form of a stone embankment

The pump is the central aspect of any fountain system. Buy a good quality, durable pump that will last a long time. You can purchase rocks, stones, and pebbles from any wholesale landscaping accessory dealer. I don’t recommend collecting them from the wild, as you could end up depleting natural resources.

There are many commercial ready-to-assemble backyard fountain kits that cut out much of the work for you. Most DIY home improvement stores stock these fountain kits at affordable prices. The important thing is the design, and pump shelf life, so make sure you find the right design.

Online stores are also good places to shop for backyard fountains; you can usually find a backyard fountain that can be shipped to you, though some are just too large for that. You could also buy the spare parts separately and assemble them, if you are really into DIY. Some companies specialize in custom building a fountain for you, so if you have some grand unique design in mind, they might serve your purpose well. Don’t forget to add up shipping costs to your budget.

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