Wooing the birds with window bird feeders

Wooing the birds with window bird feeders

Birds are one of the delights of any garden, but getting the birds to come to a garden can be a challenging, but at the same time, rewarding pastime. I know of many people who like birds, and feeding the bird visitors can be accomplished with the aid of bird feeders. Although there are many ways to feed the birds, like scattering seeds on the ground, or using a hanging bird feeder that is hung from a tree branch, these methods do not allow closer observation of the birds. The solution is to get window bird feeders that will allow humans to view the birds closer on your window sill without scaring them away.

Window bird feeders are often placed right up against the window, with the part of the window near the feeder often tinted, thus enabling people from within the house to watch the birds without them birds being aware they were being watched.

bird at bird feeder

window-bird-feeder.jpgThese window bird feeders are really great, and on the whole not expensive; though they might look as if they cost a pretty penny for certain designs. If you want to invest in a unique design, I can’t imagine that you would be sorry later on. But, if you want something similar, but don’t want to spend anything much, you can make your own alternative, ala DIY style. It takes some time and energy, but it’s not really difficult to construct a simple roof attached over a bowl of some kind.

There are a number of online DIY bird feeder plans for constructing a bird feeder, which might be considered “hard work” for the lazyboned, since bird feeders are quite cheap on the whole.

You can have your window tinted and hang a few regular small feeders out there near the window. The birds will come, and will not be able to see you if you come close to the window.

humming bird at bird feeder

These types of bird feeders can be bought from any well stocked pet store near you. If you dislike manually finding an online bird store, you can always try your hand at shopping for them online. If you live in an area that has hummingbirds, you might want to consider getting a dedicated hummingbird feeder as well. Hummingbirds are one of the most important pollinators of flowers in any garden, but they can be picky as well, since their long beaks are more suited to probing the inner depths of a flower, rather than for more conventional “beak usage”. Woodpeckers on the other hand, aren’t so picky.


A strategy that is used with window bird feeders is to place different types of bird seed in your window bird feeders, so that hopefully, different types of bird species may be attracted to the bird feeder, thus providing better bird viewing opportunities.

The drawback of this method is that it may wind up attracting squirrels, as well as birds. Birds do not really like squirrels, so it’s best to avoid this situation by setting up separate squirrel feeders at a different location, preferably far removed from the bird feeder. Now, you can get to enjoy not only the birds, but the squirrels as well, a win-win situation for all concerned!

Here’s to attracting more garden wildlife to your garden!

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