Artificial plants anyone?

Artificial plants anyone?

Is your indoor decor important to you? If yes, than you would probably have realized that many a couch and wall will dull with age, and turn frayed and old, but how do you replace them? A fresh look is desirable, but what about the budget? Take heart; it doesn’t have to blow a hole in your wallet. It only takes a few inexpensive modifications, and you too, can acquire a fresh look for your indoor home decor. One of those cheap modifications you can implement is to use artificial plants.

After applying a fresh coat of paint, you can infuse some lively accents to your home interior by having a few strategically placed plants in specific locations. Plants lend a soft, cozy feeling that creates an inviting ambiance to any visitor, and best part is, they need not be real!

artificial ivy and turf

I always wonder why a gardeners life can’t be made simpler with the addition of a few artificial plants. The drawback to maintaining too many live plants is the maintenance and knowledge required to keep them alive and growing. Artificial plants are low-cost, and low-maintenance. And they look so real, you’d need to look really close just to tell the difference.

Furthermore, real plants require adequate sunlight, and this limits your choices to certain species’, assuming you want to feature a certain type of plant, indoors. Ditto on watering. You don’t need to hire someone to do your watering while you’re on vacation, and yet all your plant’s appearance seems to suggest that you’re a master gardener who takes care of them well enough!

So if you are convinced enough to try some artificial plants, try getting artificial plants made of silk. Those made from silk are almost indistinguishable from the real live plants. Avoid artificial plants made from plastic; usually these are made from PVC. PVC may contain plasticizers (to soften them) which may be hazardous to health, and are hard to recycle.

fern-plant-tropical-setting.jpgThe good thing about having some artificial plants in your home, is they never die or turn yellow. You can also keep a artificial version of a tropical plant, and instantly transform your living hall into a tropical paradise. Ferns or palms make good choices for this purpose. A hanging fern in your bathroom complete with the occasional spray of water droplets on its leaves, enhances the illusion of bathing in a tropical setting.

Artificial plants can get you to use certain spots in your home. An umbrella fern tree in the living room placed next to your couch will also make the couch a more attractive place to kick back and make use of. Throw in a blanket and some new pillows, and you have a refurbished couch, ready to roll in again.

How about running some backlight through your artificial tree? String some lights through its branches for a romantic or cozy evening without having to worry if the tree will wilt under the heat. The visual effect is lovely. And don’t forget the lights can be reused; so if you’re on a tight budget, you can still add it to your artificial plant collection later. Artificial bonsai trees can be a good choice as trees that can survive indoors as indoor bonsai are quite limited, as are artificial Christmas trees, which can be reused year after year.

artificial bonsai tree
Artificial bonsai tree

Artificial plants do have their place in the my gardening books. Although I do not recommend having an entire collection of wholly artificial plants, yet having some as part of any indoor (even outdoor decor) plans – is a smart decision!

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