Gardening tools as gifts

Gardening tools as gifts

Out of ideas on what to get for a friend on your gift list? No worries if he or she is a gardener. Just buy them a quality set of gardening tools. They’ll love you for it! Gardeners as a breed, are always poking and pottering around in their garden; so what could be more delightful for them than a brand new set of gloves or a shiny new hoe? Will this work for Christmas? Absolutely.

It isn’t odd to buy a gardener friend a tool that will ease their tasks a little when spring arrives and your friend will appreciate your gesture all the more since they’ll not likely be putting their tools to use during the winter. But the buildup of anticipation for the spring may turn out to be just what they need!

gardening tools as decor

Gardening tools are usually on the inexpensive side. Though there are whole sets priced at several thousand dollars (often lawn care gadgets), you probably wouldn’t be getting those for your friend. It’s the lower priced tools that your friend needs the most since they are always getting worn out fairly quickly and easily lost as well.

gardening hose

An example of some of the most popular gardening tools might be hoses. Though you may think they must surely have a hose already, do you know if they have one that they like? Are they having problems with it? Do you know that there are new kinds of hoses on the market? There are, and these gardening tools seem to be improving as they years go by. You can get flat hoses, and even accessories that make using and storing a hose much easier. Some help with storing the hose by rolling it up, and there are also guides that stop a hose from running over the flowers and veggies as you pull it through a garden.

Other gardening tools you may want to consider are kneeling pads or perhaps a storage unit. When someone has a lot of gardening tools, they need somewhere to hang them. You can find organizers rather easily, and they can work in almost any shed or garden. You may already know if they have one of these, and if they don’t, you have just thought of the perfect gift. Organizers can be a little large if your friend has only a little space to spare in his/her garage or garden shed, so make sure it’s a size that fits.

A good way to start is actually looking into your friends shed or garage and notice if the tools are sorted nicely or just scattered about. If it’s the latter case, then your friend could use an organizer. Or even storage racks to help store away those garden tools.

gardening tools as gifts

You might want to review your friends’ garden as well. Are there any unsightly, unfinished trenches that look like they were abandoned last month? Your friend might need a round-point irrigation shovel and also a square end spade for smoothing out and compacting the trench walls.

All in all, it takes some thought to buy your friend the gardening tool that he or she will use throughout the year. But just think of how many times they will be reminded of you whenever they use the tools you bought them! A sure way to get connected with the earth, as well as friends and family.

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