Garden Space Trends for 2019

Garden Space Trends for 2019

How our gardens are growing for 2019

With spring in the air, you may well have made your way to the garden shed to dust off the trowel and rake. After all, spring is a great time to get that garden tidied up after the long winter, and set in place all the things you need for a gorgeous summer garden.

Last year’s gardens were all about the asymmetrical trend and wood-style tiling. But there are a whole swathe of new trends to prepare for this year! Take a look through our rundown of the biggest trends that are set to take root in our gardens this year:

Getting smarter with our garden lighting

For many of us, our garden work is all about creating a relaxing atmosphere. The ambience from smart lighting can help achieve this, which is one of the reasons smart lighting is set to be a hot trend this year, according to the Rich brothers at the BBC.

The brothers advise that you place some smart lights against any trees in your garden. That way, you can create a sleek uplight effect to highlight certain parts of the garden.

treehouse for adults too

Treehouses for grown-ups!

If you’re lucky enough to have a large garden, you have the space needed to make the most of this nostalgic trend. Ditch the ‘man cave’ and the ‘she shed’ and take it to the next level with an adult treehouse. These rustic features can provide a much-needed space to getaway from it all. Plus, they lend themselves well to a minimalist, hygge-style décor.

Leave your phone and tablet in the house and head out to your garden and snuggle up in your very own treehouse for a little digital detox.

A trend for every year: hot tubs

Let’s face it, a hot tub in the garden will never not be trendy. Who doesn’t want a top-tier relaxation experience right out on their doorstep? The change when it comes to hot tub trends is how we’re going about getting our bubbly-fix. In 2017 and 2018, gardens were graced with the inflatable hot tub from Aldi. But for 2019, we’re looking for something a little sleeker, and a little more permanent. Sales of permanent hot tubs are expected to grow in the coming months, but you need to have a sturdy base in your garden in order to house one — composite decking boards are the perfect option to provide your new hot tub with a secure platform.

Cosying up around a firepit

With so many of us Brits choosing to stay indoors instead of going out, we’re kitting out our homes and gardens in new and increasingly interesting ways. One hot trend that has featured in many home entertaining plans is a fire pit. With a mini pit going for just £25 in some shops, it isn’t an expensive investment to add to your garden space. These fun additions add light and heat to any night time gathering, not to mention the marshmallow-toasting possibilities!

modern firepit

Putting your garden to work

You get out what you put in, so the saying goes. When it comes to your garden, you can adapt it to provide for you as you provide for it. That’s the thinking behind a rising trend coming into 2019 in growing your own. Whether you’re growing herbs for the kitchen, vegetables for dinner plates, or tea plants for a morning cuppa, the garden can be a fantastic source of kitchen supplies without needing to head to the shops.

Bringing the indoors outdoors

Last year, we saw a number of outdoor furnishings in trendy gardens. From hammocks to egg-chairs to cushion and full sofas, the garden became an extension of the living room, offering a natural living space to contrast the now digital-heavy indoor space. This idea of bringing interior vibes outdoors is continuing on through to this year with wallpaper.

This quirky choice allows gardeners to add a pop of colour beyond the floral. Use it to match the surroundings and give the illusion of a larger garden space or create a beautiful mural wall from it as a talking point for guests.

DIY décor

Following on from indoor trends heading outside, rustic décor is definitely on the rise. For the eco-conscious, this is a great way to kit out the garden while keeping environmentally friendly. Reuse and repair household items into amazing garden décor: DIY Enthusiasts has a number of amazing projects to consider, from mosaic tiles as stepping stones through the garden, to adding climbing plants up an old ladder for a timeless feature.

coreopsis flowers
Coreopsis or Tickseed are very hardy perennials with pretty flowers to boot and low maintenance.

Climate change plants

With the weather becoming increasingly extreme in the UK, our garden plant choices need to shift to suit. In light of this, one trend coming through to 2019 is planting flora that can not only help combat climate change, but also survive through sudden temperature changes. After all, planting flowers that need energy-and-water-heavy irrigation systems aren’t great for the environment, even if it is to grow plants! Instead, gardeners are seeking out hardy plants that don’t need as gentle a touch.

Only doing the jobs we like

This sounds like a gardener’s dream, but it could be a reality this year. While you might love your garden, as with anything, there are a few jobs that are well, a bit of a chore! With new technology and smart gardening equipment, robots are finally here to take those dull or disliked jobs off your hands. There are self-controlled lawn mowers to take care of the grass for you, and even the crowd-funded Tertill weeding robot. This little device is solar-powered and will live in your garden to trundle around every day, chopping down weeds and avoiding your plants.

With this technology, you will have more time to enjoy your garden this year.

Of course, there will be new trends cropping up throughout the year. But the above trends are definitely ones to watch out for, especially if you’re looking to transform your garden into a relaxing, cosy space for you and the family to enjoy!

UK copywriter Amy Hodgetts, writing on behalf of Arbordeck, has a keen interest in all things gardening and horticulture.

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