Setting Up Your Garden Sprinkler System

Setting Up Your Garden Sprinkler System

If you’re totally new to garden/lawn sprinklers, then you may not understand much of what is written on this website about sprinklers in the other sections. So, for all the newbies who have never set up a garden or lawn sprinkler system, here are some tips to help you make sure your lawn or garden sprinkler system is set up properly.

First things first – placement. Before you start digging at all, you need to determine where you will place the sprinkler heads. The best way to figure this out is to take into consideration the circumference of the area each head is manufactured to cover. Coverage varies somewhat from one garden sprinkler to another, so be sure to read the instructions that came with the system shipment. Coverage areas will be at least twenty feet (7m) in most cases. Of course, you should also determine your water source at the very beginning, and it should be a renewable source.

garden sprinkler in action

Secondly, try to lay out the piping or the hose that will supply the water to your garden sprinkler system, and make sure it doesn’t get obstructed by rocks, roots or highly uneven terrain. Again, this should be done before you even dig your first trench. Try to get the shortest route from the water source to the head. By laying out the hose and pipes ahead of the digging, you reduce the chances that you will need to stop halfway in your project to obtain additional materials.

Thirdly, make sure you have each head in your sprinkler system set to cover the area or range which you need. It’s easier to perform this task before the heads are actually installed in the ground. Once you have gotten all the settings in place, go ahead and run some water through your garden sprinkler network, and do one final check if everything is in order.

garden sprinkler in action

A word about digging trenches – pay attention to the sod. Once you have already laid the lines for your garden sprinkler system, you’d want to use the sod to cover over the piping. It’s neater and tidier. The depth should depend on the recommendations that came with the system manual.

After replacing the sod, test the system once again. If it’s running well, program the timer to begin the process of watering according to the set intervals during the day and early evening. An efficient sprinkler system will evenly distribute water in the right places throughout your garden or lawn.

garden sprinkler rainbow

A garden sprinkler system is not hard to install, really. Most of the details should also be in the manual that comes along with it. If you take the time to set up your garden sprinkler system in the right way and leave no stone unturned, you can be sure it’ll reward you by helping you produce a healthy and fruitful garden all year long.

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