Choosing a lawn sprinkler pump

Choosing a lawn sprinkler pump

Good lawn sprinkler systems should be able to draw up water from a variety of water sources, and this includes ponds, lakes, wells, aquifers, pool fillings, and any subterranean sources of water. A large part of this ability rests on the pump.

If you are trying to choose a lawn sprinkler pump, there are two main things to consider, which are your resources, and your requirements. First of all, you need to determine the length of the sprinkler system’s piping, and also its diameter. The pipe diameter is important, because the less friction you have in the pipe, the more water will come out at the end of the line, and vice versa. A pipe with a large diameter will decrease friction but increase the strain on the pump and reduce the lifespan of the pump, due to the need for increased power to take in more water.

How wide is the area that your sprinkler needs to cover?

To know how many stations the pump is going to support, you need to consider the area that your sprinkler needs to cover. The capacity of a sprinkler head is usually measured in gallons per minute (gpm). So, you will need to calculate the collective capacity of all the sprinkler heads you will use, by referring to the capacity of the sprinkler heads from the specification sheet, and then multiplying it by the number of sprinkler heads used in the system.

lawn sprinkler in action

From that figure, you will obtain the specification of the pump that should best meet your needs. If you live in a dry and arid place, it’s another factor that you need to consider. Normally, manufacturers do provide information and charts to help you make an estimation about the capacity of your pump, for example, through their websites. Most commercial models of lawn sprinklers have capacities from 0.75 – 2 HP.

Try to get a rugged pump head that can withstand daily stress.

Since you will be using the sprinkler quite often, the pump needs to be hardy and tough. Examine the way it is constructed. Will the pump be able to stand up to rough operating conditions? Choose pumps that are constructed well, and able to operate with a minimum of fuss, under scorching temperatures, each and every single day.

lawn sprinkler pumping water

Many lawn sprinkler pumps nowadays are indeed better constructed and have strong cast iron brackets and casing. If they are not well constructed, look elsewhere until you find the right one. Just don’t fork out money unwisely on the wrong pump.

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