Why you should get a tripod sprinkler

Why you should get a tripod sprinkler

Do you have problems irrigating the whole lawn? Or perhaps there are some hard to reach areas and creases in your vegetable, flower gardens or shrubs and fences? There is a solution for you. A tripod sprinkler will work where other lawn sprinklers have difficulty in reaching.

There are sometimes areas that other sprinklers cannot water. This is due to the height of the sprinkler, slopes, or the confinement on the ground. So in cases where you need to water vines, flower gardens or the whole lawn, it is best to use a tripod sprinkler.

These sprinklers are capable of watering in long distances. Just look at the specifications of the tripod sprinkler that you want to purchase to know if they can cover the whole area that you need to water. Most sprinklers in the market have adjustable watering area. They are not fixed to a certain length and this is a good feature because it caters to the flexibility of your needs.

Also, the degree of coverage of most sprinklers in the market is adjustable. This is an important feature since there are times that you want to cover a certain area at once while avoiding another area. This allows you to cover the full or partial area only, whichever suits your need.

tripod sprinkler

Tripod sprinklers are composed of a stand and a fully adjustable sprinkler head. The stands are firm on the ground and most are collapsible for easy storage after use. You just have to connect the garden hose to the tripod sprinkler’s goose-neck hose attachment and you are ready to water that whole area that you need to water.

tripod sprinkler

Another benefit of having a tripod sprinkler is that it can be used anywhere. You could transfer it to other places and use it so long as you have the water hose to connect to it. This portability of the tripod sprinkler can turn out to be pretty useful if you need to lend or lease it to someone.

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