Maintaining a pop up lawn sprinkler system

Maintaining a pop up lawn sprinkler system

You’ve spent time and money, and energy on setting up your pop up lawn sprinkler. After 2 weeks of prodding and fussing about with the water uptake, layout, site, and piping, you’re ready to unveil it on your lawn. You want to be sure it operates at maximum efficiency forever. What now? Here are some examples on how to properly maintain your pop up lawn sprinkler system.

Keep the sprinkler head clean

Firstly, ensure that the sprinkler heads are kept free of any substances that may cause the pop up lawn sprinkler system to fail to deploy and properly distribute water. Examine the sprinkler heads every now and then, to make sure that dirt is not clogging any of the heads, or preventing them from rising and distributing water evenly to your lawn.

pop up lawn sprinklers

If the lawn sprinklers are constructed of metal components, they should also be checked for any signs of rust or other corrosion. Anything that impedes the sprinkler heads from deploying properly and providing water to the area at optimum efficiency should be cleaned or replaced. If roots or vines have grown over the pop up lawn sprinklers, cut and remove them. Some creeping vines have a tendency to grow over your pop up sprinklers, and impede their function.

Check the position of the sprinkler head in relation to the ground

pop up lawn sprinklersCheck the position of the heads relative to the current state of the ground. Earth movements are more common than you think. If you live in an area where there is seismic activity going on (like the area around Los Angeles and San Francisco), make it a point to check on the position of your lawn sprinkler heads, periodically.

Over time, subtle changes in terrain caused by erosion or seismic activity may cause the heads in the lawn sprinkler system to shift or angle slightly. This will have an impact on the ability of the system to adequately pump out water evenly. The position and angle of the heads need to be adjusted accordingly, so that they will continue to do their job properly.

Inspect the piping periodically

Occasionally, the piping lines that connect the pop up lawn sprinkler heads may weaken, creating leaks that allow water to seep out under the lawn line. Therefore, try and inspect the areas where the lines are laid, and note if there are any sections that appear spongy or unusually moist. If you indeed encounter such an area, dig up the section above that line, and check for any leakage. If needed, replace the lines.

Pop up lawn sprinklers need more maintenance

Pop up lawn sprinklers are different from other lawn sprinklers in that they require more checks and maintenance – you just can’t install them and leave them alone for extended periods. If you keep your pop up lawn sprinkler in tip top shape, they can last for years. The key is to adopt routine monitoring. Doing that helps ensure that your lawn will remain lush and green for as long as your sprinkler system lasts.

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