Lawn Sprinkler Repair Help Tips

Lawn Sprinkler Repair Help Tips

Lawn sprinklers that have given up the ghost are quite rare, but if yours has indeed gone belly up, first thing is to understand WHY it happened and whether there are any remedial measures to carry out. Surely, you don’t want to water a hundred square meters of lawn by hand, aided only by a short garden hose, or worse, a bucket and a pail. Your lawn and plants also need water regularly, they can’t possibly wait for your sprinkler to get going again. The solution: roll up your sleeves and learn how your lawn sprinkler works (and breaks).

Alright: Some common lawn sprinkler problems and tips on how to get them repaired.

You switch on the power, but the automatic timer doesn’t work Check the power source to see if the clock is getting the needed power. If your sprinkler get power but the clock does not work, you really can’t do much. The problem is likely to be internal in nature. Go get some expert professional help for repairing your lawn sprinkler.

lawn sprinkler repair

If the zone covered by the sprinkler head is not operating, check the timer to see if that zone is activated to operate. If it does and it is not working, the problem might be the delivery box that directs water to the zones. Changing the delivery box will often solve the problem.

Sometimes, extremely low temperatures in your area may cause the piping of your sprinkler system to freeze and even burst, due to the material contracting or shrinking as a result of the cold. If you have an automatic shutdown under these conditions, check your manual to see how to operate the system after the winter. If it is already activated and still not working, the sprinkler head could be blocked, or there might still be ice in the tubes.

icy pipe

Underground leaks along the piping system could result in reduced water output and a heavier water bill to pay. Make sure you do a lot of checking to find the cause. If the water is running non-stop, check the timer first. If the timer is set up correctly but the water keeps on running, check the sprinkler manual to see how to shut off the system manually. This is a serious problem and you’ll need to consult a professional for your lawn sprinkler repair (or end up with a huge water bill at the end of the month).

lawn sprinkler repair

There are many contractors who specialize in lawn sprinkler repairs. If you check out their websites, most contractors allow you to assess your sprinkler problems before you actually seek their help. But you should only be prepared to pay for a repair service, if it actually saves you time, money, and energy. Just remember not to put the matter off; your lawn needs your sprinkler to provide their daily water needs.

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