Valuable Features of An Orbit Sprinkler

Valuable Features of An Orbit Sprinkler

Since sprinklers were invented, they have made life so much easier for the gardener. Now sprinklers come in a variety of models to make watering as easy as possible. The various types cater to a large or small area, and type of plants that need watering; it all depends on the model. Most lawn sprinklers are so convenient for use because they are already equipped with the ability to water on auto mode. One of these is the Orbit sprinkler.

An Orbit sprinkler is best for medium sized lawn watering. These sprinklers are made to serve several numbers of stations. The sets range from 2 to several numbers of valves. The number of valves depend on the size of the area that needs watering, while the stations are spaced several feet apart depending on the specification of the sprinkler.

orbit sprinkler watering

All Orbit sprinklers are fully automated. You can set your desired times for watering with the inbuilt timer that comes with most models. Even if you already forgot that you are watering the lawn, worry not because the sprinkler will stop spewing water right on the set time to halt. Some models have timers that can be installed indoors, which makes the work of watering a no brainer. These external timer sprinklers cost more than the usual orbit sprinklers. When you set the timer, you are done, and can relax indoors watching TV while your lawn gets watered!

orbit sprinkler

A feature of some of the latest Orbit sprinklers are their rain and freeze sensors, which are very useful. Not only are they automated, but they are “smart.” You don’t have to worry if it should rain for days in a row, because these Orbit sprinklers will switch off watering if they detect rain, frost or snow. Watering will stop, saving you important resources and energy. The rain and freeze sensors automatically interrupt the timer when it rains or it freezes, depending on the temperature and moisture level.

As far as set-it-and-forget is concerned, they come in wireless models as well. These sprinklers can be considered one of the most advanced sprinklers right now on the market. This is about as close to a robot as you can get, for the mundane job of watering your garden. How cool is that?

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